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February 21st, 2021

NODA (aka) "No One Dies Alone" is The Debut Album from Oklahoma Alternative Band Wolf Ugly.

After adopting the "Wolf Ugly" persona in the summer of 2018, Singer/Songwriter Brett Mitchell originally wrote every track with just an acoustic guitar. With a vision to carry the stage name eventually into a collaborative rock band.

After a year of the bands inception, Johnny Brasel became the official drummer for the band.

... And in 2020 the band officially became a trio after Ezra Schaeffer joined to become the official Bassist.

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After officially finalizing the ideal lineup, the band continued to work on all the already written material to bring the project to fruition. After playing countless local gigs to try and build a non-existent fan base, Gigging non-stop was starting to pay off. Fans and followers were eager to hear the album.

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